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The UK’s Largest GRP Manufacturer

Environmental Policies

Stormking are the leaders in sustainability in the GRP industry. We operate quality and environmental management systems including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Stormking is the leading manufacturer and supplier of GRP products to the building and construction industry in the UK. We operate Quality and Environmental management systems including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In order to achieve and retain ISO 14001 Stormking have to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities and also to achieve continual improvement of our environmental performance.

Stormking Plastics are the leaders in sustainability in the GRP industry and endeavor to put environmental best practice to the forefront of our business. All Stormking Plastics GRP products are manufactured to ISO 14001, reduce the environmental impact over other materials.

Our commitment to the environment is guided by ISO 14001 and our environmental policy, developed with customer requirements and legislation in mind. This Policy applies to all sites, personnel and operations. With ISO 14001 Stormking Plastics regularly reviews environmental legislation relevant to our environmental aspects, activities, products and services, ensuring continual compliance.

Stormking Plastics exercise due care in waste disposal produced as a result of company activities, developing plans to reduce waste, and increase efficiency. In relationships with our customers and suppliers, we are taking practical steps to prevent pollution and to reduce energy consumption and waste. Stormking Plastics encourage re-use of material wherever feasible, when it does not compromise our product or service.

Stormking Plastics aim to reduce our impact on the environment and implement environmentally responsible policies/products throughout our operations. We understand the importance of integrating good environmental practices into management and strategic planning.

With ISO 14001, Stormking Plastics will continuously seek to improve our environmental performance by setting and reviewing objectives and targets.

You can download our Environmental Policies from the Download Centre