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Customer Support Team

The continuing growth in the house building sector over the last 12 months has seen a high demand for Stormking GRP products. However with these greater demands, then there are increased pressures on the core values of the business, such as customer service and the flow of communication of information. That is why Stormking has created a customer support centre to help deal with all of the customer queries and issues that happen when things get busy.

Customers are safe in the knowledge that calls get dealt with efficiently, questions get answered and the delays in communication are kept to a minimum. Stormking believe that communication is the key to building an excellent customer relationship and the customer support team are fully equipped and trained to deal with the customer’s requests and enquiries.

Beth O’Leary, customer support team member agrees; “Communication is the key to all good customer service relationships. If we know what the customer wants, then our team is on hand to help them. Our support team enjoy the possibility of building customer relationships.”

With the help of our fully integrated information management system, TREMEX for short, our customer support team can create customer ‘tickets’, which will log all the customer details and requests. Once all the information is gathered, then the customer is informed of the outcome and ‘ticket’ is closed. There is a clear flow of information between the team and the customer and as all the information is logged on the TREMEX system, all the information is readily available to every member of the team.

Our customer support team are on hand to deal with all your delivery queries and after sales information, so please don’t hesitate to contact them on 01827-311100, they will only be too happy to help.